Writing - Songs

    Two Good to Be True

    An angel and the devil sit on one shoulder each
    enticing me to follow the practices they preach.
    Whispers echo in my head, I don't know from which side,
    the devil is not always wrong, angel's not always right.

    While I face two angels who've entered my life
    either of whom in her time I could see be my wife.
    How is it I'm to decide? Where do I draw the line
    between these two I care for most, these closest friends of mine?

    I grew up thinking that for me there'd be at most one
    but now to narrow down to one weighs on me like a ton,
    in the past I know I'd think this was the greatest luck
    but now I struggle to escape the luck in which I'm stuck.

    But while I overthink my fate through many sleepless nights
    I'm losing both of them because of my internal fights.
    They make me be far less of me, not at all myself,
    I end up being someone else, alone on the shelf.

    Everyone has luck in life, I now know this is true,
    some of our best luck is bad; who said good luck is good?
    This, like every choice in life, has two unclear sides,
    time will whisper in both ears, if either one is right.

    Written in 1997.

    Copyright Doug Brook. All rights reserved.