Writing - Songs

    Tunnel Vision

    I stare too long at what I write
    til what it means is out of sight.
    Where I meant day, you see night,
    I've grown too close to see my light.

    Tunnel vision
    puts my life out of commission.
    In perdition
    til revision
    helps me get across my mission.

    I don't mean to pick a fight
    but what you think just can't be right
    your eyes and ears must be shut tight
    to what I wrote with all my might.

    Tunnel vision
    comes from my try at concision.
    With permission,
    lets me shed my inhibition.

    You thought my work was really bright
    mainly where I think it's trite,
    the parts that I thought had real bite
    you said could just go fly a kite.

    Tunnel vision
    keeps my thoughts from extradition.
    Blindly fishin'
    is tradition
    til there's no cause for addition.
    Tunnel vision
    no finishin'
    til they print the last edition.

    Written in late 2004.

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    Copyright Doug Brook. All rights reserved.