Writing - Songs

    True to Colors

    Are you true to your colors
    in everything you do?
    Do you deserve your uniform blues
    do you live by the golden rule?
    So many things make you too unsure
    and let you let your colors blur.
    It's not easy but it's the way to go
    to stay as clear as a new rainbow.

    Do you often find your colors
    break down to black and white?
    Or are there shades of grey mixed in
    that you tell yourself are all right?
    Do you know how to mix the dyes
    of the pallette that's behind your eyes.
    Like art you can't learn where each piece lies
    but everyone tries until the day we die.

    Do you see how time swirls
    as you rush through your days?
    Do you notice that you're drowned in haze
    and there's no light to show you the maze?
    You don't see how so much you're so untrue
    and how your mouth gives the devil his due.
    No one can always avoid telling lies
    but the true to his colors is the one who tries.

    Written in late 1995.

    Copyright Doug Brook. All rights reserved.