Writing - Songs

    This Day's Journey

    Do you want to know a secret
    I've never told a soul before?
    Do you promise that you'll keep it
    locked behind your closet door?

    It's important how you play the game
    man must know the life he chooses,
    but don't forget your final purpose
    you get results or have excuses.

    Dreams were made to be broken
    sometimes in the world it seems
    kindnesses are merely spoken
    to build each others' esteem.

    Everyone has their own truth.
    Things are sudden when they happen.
    Ideas that are too old for youth
    often end up long forgotten.

    Assumptions fuel man's ignorance
    prejudices always wrong
    shining eyes give blinding hints
    first impressions last too long.

    Know this as common sense,
    no one loses, no one wins
    once this day's journey ends
    and another one begins.

    Written in mid-1996.

    Copyright Doug Brook. All rights reserved.