Writing - Songs

    This Day Goes By

    This day goes by too slow
    because I do not know
    if I'll come home today
    and you'll be there or gone away.

    If you're there then I can live
    and find better ways to give,
    the only road on which to go
    in the good world that I know.

    This day goes by too fast
    if it's to be our last,
    if I come home and you have gone
    there'll be no joy to carry on.

    Please be there tonight again
    and every other, never end.
    I should have said these words before,
    please hear them now, I implore.

    I'll take this slow day, even more,
    if it brings good days evermore.
    But if today turns out too fast
    I'll always wish it never passed.

    Written in 2002.

    Copyright Doug Brook. All rights reserved.