Writing - Songs

    Raising Cain

    Anyone could see, whether fact or fable,
    as she was raising Cain he was not Abel,
    he found himself in his brother's shadow
    because of so much that he couldn't handle
    he was always stuck playing second fiddle.

    If at raising Cain she was better able
    scripture might have used a different label,
    I heard that the word is out on the street
    says his name is one you don't want to repeat.
    If he comes after you, better be light on your feet.

    As for raising cain, no one's more able,
    he's the basis for most of late night cable.
    He has no home, no one speaks his name,
    but nobody's better at playing his game,
    'cause crime is his portrait, and the shadows his frame.

    After years gone by, he wants a life more stable,
    he'd stop raising cain if only he were able,
    After a life of greed, sex, and being macho
    and in all other ways being irresponsible
    he can't handle that he's flying solo.

    Written in fall 1995.

    Copyright Doug Brook. All rights reserved.