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    Honest Love

    Johnny wants someone to talk to
    without cliche they'd live impromptu
    no shadows cast by double meaning
    or doubts of who they're with each evening.

    But Johnny's not sitting by the phone
    as he spends his nights at home alone;
    but how does he think, how does he know
    he'll find someone to call his own?

    You have to know yourself
    before you can know somebody else,
    and if you want honest love
    start by being true to yourself.

    Johnny needs someone to trust who
    will tell him the things that nobody wants to
    but he doesn't need a voice in his ear
    saying things he can't bear to hear.

    What he needs is someone he'll know
    will always be the place he can go
    someone whose yes doesn't mean no
    and who knows how to let him say no.

    You have to trust yourself
    before you can trust somebody else,
    and if you want honest love
    you have to find the strength in yourself.

    Johnny has himself to talk to
    only heard by the walls in the halls he walks through
    but he doesn't always like what he hears
    and the ego wages war with the tears.

    But Johnny's not alone by far
    many men filled with fear there are
    and if Johnny can't live with Johnny
    how can he ask it of anybody?

    You have to love yourself
    before you can love somebody else,
    and if you want honest love
    you've got to stop tormenting yourself.

    Written the night before Valentine's Day, 1996, this song has proved popular in obscure coffee houses.

    The middle verse (trust) was added in 2008, sometimes heard as the final verse instead.

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