Writing - Songs

    Flying in Circles

    On a redeye flying east
    Chasing the rising sun
    I hope that at the very least
    My day has finally come.
    I'm not sure what I'll find there
    I only know I will
    And I hope what I find finds me too
    As time for us stands still.

    On a slow plane flying west
    Racing the sun that sets
    I hope that it is for the best
    'cause that's all that I'm left.
    I'm not sure what I lost there
    I only know I did
    I hope I can find something still
    Wherever it's been hid.

    On a small plane flying north
    Climbing on top of the world
    Some new wisdom will come forth
    A new life to unfurl.
    I'm not sure what it sounds like
    I only know it does
    I hope it says something I like
    As much as what once was.

    On a fast plane heading south
    At long last I heard
    Words that once came from my mouth
    For someone else to learn.
    I'm not sure why I did not hear
    At least I hear me now
    "You gave in too easy to fear
    Go back and get her now."

    Written in November 2008, on a plane over the Rockies. Surprising.

    Copyright Doug Brook. All rights reserved.