Writing - Songs

    Eye of the Beholder

    With just two eyes,
    the only two through which I see,
    I'm left with only intuition
    to see what others see in me.
    In every song I sing, in every word I write
    others see daytime when I mean the night.
    Is the blue you see really red to me,
    tell me, do you see what I mean?

    And in the eye of the beholder
    I find that it's getting colder.
    I thought that what I felt I told her,
    now I only wish I could still hold her.

    I have to say
    What I think; god there must be a way
    to share my hopes and dreams with others
    without impressions getting in the way.
    Now are we getting further or farther,
    should philosophers and teachers bother?
    Are the answers we find bringing us closer,
    or bringing new questions that push us away
    from the questions that bring us closer
    or is it the answers that hold us at bay?

    And in the eye of the beholder
    I still wrestle with what I told her.
    I find I must be getting bolder
    with every hour that I'm getting older.

    So for now instead of writing I act,
    'cause there's no better way to tell her than that.

    Written in 1994, the title is the basis of a popular humor column in the Deep South Jewish Voice.

    Copyright Doug Brook. All rights reserved.