Writing - Songs

    Central Park One

    In this world so far I've seen
    things not shown in magazines,
    vice and lies that don't seem there
    til someone's skeleton lies bare.

    In this world with so much right
    is born a new heartache each night,
    each day good and bad men die
    for neither are we real sure why.

    In this world to win her heart
    you must keep certain things apart,
    don't search yourself inside out
    'cause she wants you without a doubt.

    In this world of so much wrong
    you waste if you dwell for too long
    on might or right or on this song
    you're better just to move along.

    Written in September, 1999, during a sabbatical in Manhattan. The first of three written on a park bench on the eastern side near 78th Street.

    Copyright Doug Brook. All rights reserved.