Writing - Songs

    Any Pretense At All

    I don't care where we go
    it doesn't matter what we do
    let the pretense be anything at all
    as long as I can be with you.

    I count the days until I'll see you
    the next time can never be too soon
    it's hard to say goodbye each night
    when I want another hour with you.

    I think of you with each phone ring,
    do you hear my voice in your sleep too?
    I feel your hand in mine when a love song plays
    'cause I'm happy just to be with you.

    Each day at work my heart waits
    for a reminder of you that's due
    and a hint of what the weekend holds
    and how much I can spend with you.

    It's amazing how you give me
    a feeling that's always new
    that moves me so seriously
    every time that I'm with you.

    So I'll see you every chance I can
    I never want to miss that view
    that makes me feel moreso every day
    that all I want is to be with you.

    Written in early 1996.

    Copyright Doug Brook. All rights reserved.