Writing - Songs

    The 23rd Song

    If the lord is my shepherd
    and I shall not want
    explain all the pain
    and why she loves me not.

    As I lie in green pastures
    and pass by still waters
    nature's calm fails to ensure
    it's been worth the bother.

    On a straight path through the valley
    drowned in shadows of death
    I count my life's tally
    as I take each cold breath.

    How can I fear no evil
    when its cup runneth over
    while the glass for the civil
    is more empty than ever?

    Still goodness and mercy
    are there all of my days
    often too hard to see
    in today's world's haze.

    A reaction to the 23rd Psalm (the one made famous at funerals and other events).

    Written in late 1996 at a pseudo-religious conference in Ojai, inspired during an upbeat seminar on death. Not directly inspired by personal loss as one might expect.

    Copyright Doug Brook. All rights reserved.