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"Magnificent works like those by... Doug Brook..." -- Good Times

"A clever piece... a pithy comment on the power of entropy." -- Monterey Herald

"An enigmatic non-linear bit of romantic comedy" -- The Register

"The play enthralls with an unending parade of fascinating factoids and little-known history." -- Metro Silicon Valley

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Produced Scripts

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Retrograde Ten-Minute Comedy/Drama Two people go from hate to love, then follow the same course in reverse back to hate.
Full-Length play The stories of seven remarkable women who helped shape California.
Alternate Proposal Ten-Minute comedy Celia reacts to Tom's marriage proposal, but all is not what it seems.
  • Finalist, ShowOff! International Playwrighting Contest
  • Premiere production, January 2008, Camino Real Playhouse (San Juan Capistrano, CA)
  • Runner Up, Eighth Annual Ten-Minute Playwrighting Contest
  • Staged reading, March-April 2003, Actors' Theatre (Santa Cruz, CA)
Saturday Night Six-Pack Six Ten-Minute Plays New play readings of six short plays
  • The six plays:
    • Taking Back the Stage
    • Finding God
    • The Case of the Cereal Killer
    • Intermission
    • Retrograde (new version)
    • The Miles High Club
  • New play readings, March 2009, Dragon Productions' After Hours Series (Palo Alto, CA)
Lot in Life Long One-Act Comedy A modern retelling of Lot's story, as related by Lot's wife
  • Runner Up, Eleventh Annual Full-Length Playwrighting Contest
  • Staged readings, late autumn 2009, Actors' Theatre (Santa Cruz, CA)
Two Jews Ten-Minute Comedy What really happened when two Jews walked into a bar...
  • Runner Up, Sixth Annual Ten-Minute Playwrighting Contest
  • Staged reading, April 2001, Actors' Theatre (Santa Cruz, CA)
Self Expression Full-Length Comedy/Drama Five vignettes that loosely flow from birth (a trial of Eve), to death ("What Happens Next"), interspersed with a man trying (failing), to propose over a romantic dinner.
  • Honorable Mention, First Annual Full-Length Playwrighting Contest
  • Staged reading, May 1999, Actors' Theatre (Santa Cruz, CA)
Winter Follies Full-Length Comedy Two one-act comedy thrillers; both turn the murder-thriller form on its ear.
  • Full production at Birmingham Jewish Community Center for Winter Follies 1990
Interpersonal Relations One-Act Comedy On his sixteenth birthday, Peter is haunted by the girl he likes, by his sister, his best friend who's nuts about her, and his newly incarnated conscience.
  • Full production at Indian Springs Theatre
  • My directorial debut
Produced Scripts | Unproduced Scripts

Unproduced Scripts





Original Synergy
This Week's Agenda)
Full-length comedy The unabridged seven days of creation from Genesis, as actually carried out by a committee of the Almighty and his right brain, left brain, ego, superego, id, and (starting day six) his feminine side.
  • Finalist, Fifth Annual Full-Length Playwrighting Contest, Actors' Theatre (Santa Cruz, CA)
  • Semi-finalist, 2007 ARTSport New Works Playwriting Contest, Playhouse on the Green (Bridgeport, CT)
  • Available for production
Intermission Ten-Minute play At intermission of The Nutcracker, a couple realizes they might too be at an intermission, and decide how to see if they'll come back for the second act.
  • Available for production
Taking Back the Stage Ten-Minute comedy Two gunmen lie in wait for an approaching stagecoach, while two audience members talk, use a cellphone, unwrap candy...
  • Available for production
Lying in Wait Ten-Minute Comedy A woman is in labor, the father is a wreck... But there's more to it than that.
  • Available for production
Alas, No More Short One-Act Whimsical Comedy A girl's innocent naivete is pushed. Imagine Matt and Luisa from The Fantasticks on a park bench waiting for... something.
  • Available for production
Mortal Synergy (formerly Another Week's Agenda) Full-length comedy The committee is back, coming up with the ten plagues to use against Pharoah in Egypt. After gaining freedom for the Israelites, they must write the Ten Commandments.
  • In progress
Fiddler on a Hot Tin Roof Full-Length Musical Comedy/Satire Fiddler on the Roof turned on its ear.
  • In progress
  • All new song (parodies) include: Go Fishin', Y.M.H.A., Little Shop of Horas, Anaconda, Sweet Home Anatevka and many more
Bat Out of Hell Full-Length Musical Drama A woman looks back on being the first love of a young outcast, how she left him, and how twenty years later she lingers in his mind as he still searches for his place in the world.
  • In progress
  • Based on music by Jim Steinman from the two Meat Loaf albums of the same name, and more
  • Songs include: Paradise by the Dashboard Light, Two Out of Three Ain't Bad, It's All Coming Back To Me Now, I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That), and much more
Rear Window Full-Length Thriller A laid up photojournalist thinks he's witnessed a murder across his courtyard. Who believes him? Was there a murder?
  • In progress
  • Adaptation of the Alfred Hitchcock film
Work In Progress Murder mystery A man writing his first play, which has eerie similarities to events that then happen to his wife and friends.
  • In progress

It's not playwriting, but it's writing for theatre: I was also the Public Relations Assistant for City Theatre in Pittsburgh, PA, in 1992-93.

All works described here are mine. Please don't steal. I like to know when my work is used.

Copyright Doug Brook. All rights reserved.