Full Length Play

    Self Expression explores its title in two ways:

    • A man struggles to express himself, to propose over dinner
    • The course of life, explored in five sequences reflecting key phases:
      • Trial and Error
        Eve on trial for crimes in Eden (birth)
      • Retro-Grade
        Adults in elementary school, taught by a child (adolescence)
      • Full Retrograde
        Two adults go from hate to love, then reverse to hate in an exact palindrome of dialogue (adulthood)
      • Who's Going to Die Tonight?
        Murder mystery, who's about to die and why? (midlife)
      • What Happens Next
        A man suddenly finds himself in what's next (death)

    Restaurant scenes start and finish the play, and are interspersed between the others.

    Available for production (cast/sets vary, depending on doubling and minimized pieces).


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