These reviews are for the writing of the original production at The Tabard Theatre Company.

    Reviewers often cite only me as the writer, though I was the primary writer working from original drafts about each woman by six other credited writers.

    Metro Silicon Valley

    • "More Than Petticoats (scripted by Doug Brook...) soundly evidences the power of the individual."
    • "The play unfolds and enfolds seven women's stories in a fascinating procession."
    • "For a play woven from seven oft-interrupted tales, More Than Petticoats is amazingly lucid."
    • "The play enthralls with an unending parade of fascinating factoids and little-known history."
    • "Doug Brook and director Jenny Hollingworth have worked to maintain the focus on lives, not facts."
    • "The advantage of historical perspective leads to a lot of humor."
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    Campbell Express

    • "...their efforts will be lauded not only throughout the theatrical community, but by quite a few history teachers, too."
    • "...the kind of piece that you not only enjoy as a performance but one which whets your curiosity..."
    • "the show itself was an excellent vehicle for an evening's entertainment... the value was in the history I learned."
    • Complete Express review (.pdf)

    Santa Clara Weekly

    • "Telling the story is one of the main appeals of this play."
    • " is still captivating"
    • Complete Weekly review

    Palo Alto Daily News

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