Full Retrograde

    Thirty Minute One-Act

    John and Lynn are coworkers who hate each other. Forced to work together, they find tolerance, then collaboration, friendship, and finally romance. A retrograde is a melody that goes from Point A to Point B, then returns exactly in reverse to Point A. So goes John and Lynn, step by step back to where they started, but changed by the journey.

    Based on Retrograde, which is published and has been produced nationwide, including at Theatre Row in New York City, Full Retrograde realizes the original intent of Retrograde. While Retrograde's storyline is palindromic, as is the dialogue in the first and final scenes, the entire script of Full Retrograde is an exact palindrome.

    Available for production (1m, 1f, one set). Contact the playwright.



    Essentially Retrograde, as originally intended. In AP Music class, learning Baroque melodic constructs, the retrograde "A to B then reverse back to A" structure sounded like a lot of relationships.

    Always wanted Retrograde to be a line-for-line palindrome. At a Fifth Avenue Starbucks (it was raining on my 79th Street bench in Central Park), this significant rewrite just happened. Now it's a longer, full palindrome, preserving the original but greatly evolved.

    Copyright Doug Brook. All rights reserved.