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    The following are online citations from Moshe Chafetz's 1710 work Melekhet Machashevet, found on the internet.

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    Parshat Mikketz
    (From Genesis)

    Answers to Nechama Leibowitz's Questions (2010)

    4. R. Moshe Chefetz interprets v. [42:]8 ["And Joseph recognized his brothers but they did not recognize him:"]...

    not as describing the cognitive realization of who these various individuals were, but rather that based upon the manner in which the brothers had treated Yosef, they had not "recognized" him as a brother, while when the verb is applied to Yosef, since it has already stated in v. 7 that Yosef recognized them, in the case of v. 8 it means that he did "recognize" them as his brothers and consequently went out of his way not to humiliate them publicly more than "necessary." Consequently, he would not publicly reveal what they had done to him, but he was prepared to first accuse them of criminal intentions and force them to demonstrate that such suspicions are false.

    Answers to Nechama Leibowitz's Questions (2009)

    Beit 1. The phrase בני איש אחד would seem to refer to Yaakov. To interpret the phrase as a reference to the First Adam is rather creative and unexpected.

    2. The reason why R. Moshe Chefetz opted for such a strange understanding is because the Peshat meaning makes no sense. The brothers are trying to demonstrate that they are not spies. Why should the fact that they are all the sons of a single father make a difference in this matter? On the other hand, if the emphasis is the common origin of all human beings, and there are some who are not suspected to be spies, what makes this group of men different, more suspicious than anyone else? Aren't all men the same? And if you, Pharoah's assistant do not suspect the majority of people to be spies, why are you suspecting us, who are no different than anyone else?


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