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Chayei Sarah

    The following are online citations from Moshe Chafetz's 1710 work Melekhet Machashevet, found via an unfiltered Google search and other occasional searches.

    Not all links are still active, but relevant text is excerpted here in full.

    Parshat Chayei Sarah
    (From Genesis)

    Midei Shabbos Beshabbato - Thoughts on the Weekly Parshah (Johannesburg)

    Excerpt: "And Yitzchak brought her to the tent of Sarah his mother, and she became his wife and he loved her" (24:67).

    Some people, says Rebbi Moshe Cheifetz, fall in love with a beautiful woman, and they marry her. Later, after the excitement has worn off, the love turns to hatred, and the marriage flounders.

    Yitzchak married Rifkah first, and the love developed later.

    * The first kind of love, which is superficial, is unlikely to last, partly perhaps, because, when the man sees other women more beautiful than his wife, his original feelings dissipate. The second kind of love, on the other hand, which is borne out of a shared life and shared ideals, will grow together with the man's devotion towards his wife (as will the wife's towards her husband).


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