Technical Writing

    Project Lead, Senior Technical Writer
    November 2011 - present

    Director, Information Development
    November 2010 - October 2011

    Director, Information Development
    October 2008 - October 2010

    Senior Manager, Technical Publications

    • SC Magazine - two 5-star (out of 5) reviews for Documentation:
      "...all detailed and easy to understand."
      "...structured so information retrieval is quick and easy."
    • Writing Credits
      (22 titles (2 online help), 66 editions)

    Senior Manager, Technical Writing

    • XML Developer's Guide NEW
    • Remote Server Replication patch supplement NEW
    • many Knowledge Base articles, Field Notices

    Global Publications Program Manager

    Senior Technical Writer

    Information Designer, Webmaster

    Technical Writer

    • Online documentation for main product line ( startup, never fully started)

    Carnegie Mellon Computing Services
    Assistant Editor

    • UNIX EzMail 2.0 Alumni User Guide (writer, July94)
    • UNIX EzMail 2.0 Reference Guide (writer, July94)
    • Cursor monthly newsletter (assistant editor, layout, webmaster; 12 issues, Jan94-May95)
      Writing Credits:
      • Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center Seminars (ghostwriter, Mar95)
      • Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center Workshops (ghostwriter, Mar95)
      • Spring 1995 Computer Education Courses (ghostwriter, Mar95)
      • New Method Fixes Some Remote Login Problems (ghostwriter, Apr94)
      • Pittsbugh Supercomputing Center Workshops (ghostwriter, Apr94)
      • Cursor Available on Gopher (Mar94)
      • Computing Services Division Annual Report 1992-93 (editor, webdesigner, Feb94)

    Public Information Assistant

    • lots of articles

    (Carnegie Mellon University faculty/staff news magazine)
    Freelance Writer

    • Revisiting the Washington Semester (Jan94)
    • Conference Honors Richard Cyert (Oct93)
    Since 1993, I have worked in technical writing, as a writer, webmaster, lead writer, or manager.

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