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Lucky Stiff Pacifica Spindrift Players
  • According to Pacifica Tribune:

    "Zany toe-tapping and seriously silly, theater gem 'Lucky Stiff' plays the Spindrift"
    "... a light-hearted musical for folks who just want to have fun."
    "Under the sturdy direction of Doug Brook, absurdity and tenderness are often caught in the same sentence and well delivered. Brook has apparently been eyeing 'Stiff' with a director's eye since he first saw the piece in 1995 while a student at Carnegie Mellon. With this production's obvious visual of most actors as entertained as they are entertaining, it is clear that a good deal of love went into this Brook vision."
    "... director Brook and his cast shake out any audience blues with a charming romp through music, merriment and a last will and testament to have yourself some fun."

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Lend Me a Tenor Santa Clara Players
  • Won six 2003-2004 SCP Season Awards:
    Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Character Actor, Best Character Actress, Best Set
  • Run extended an extra week, by popular demand
  • "Director Doug Brook drives the team to a nonstop, throttle to the wall, breakneck paced madcap farce replete with comic reverie, hilarious antics, and just plain fun." -- The Milpitas Post
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Marcus Lycus A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Stage 1 Repertory Theatre
  • According to The Argus (Fremont):

    "Doug Brook's Marcus Lycus, the show's brass, smooth-talking pimp, and his posse of scantily clad courtesans create quite a stir onstage."

  • According to The Milpitas Post and Fremont Bulletin:

    "Doug Brook (Lycus, the courtesan merchant)... tendered (his) talents to the fray with (a) solid performance."

Hugo She Loves Me Foothill Music Theatre According to the San Mateo County Times:

"The walk-on roles of shoppers, carolers and cafe customers are perfectly cast with an obviously talented group of actors willing to take on smaller roles to be part of such a winning production. This is a sparkling gem of a show."

President Roosevelt, Bert Healy Annie This Side of the Hill Players According to the San Mateo County Times:
  • Peninsula community production of the year (1999)
  • "Doug Brook's turn as President Franklin D. Roosevelt is so convincing, both in gestures and vocal quality, that one must be reminded that this is not the real McCoy."
  • About Bert Healy: "Several scenes are simply hilarious and ooze with satire, particularly the re-creation of a 1930s radio studio show..."
Judah Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat West Valley Light Opera WVLOA 1998-1999 Best Musical
Mr. Lyons Blood Brothers Palo Alto Players According to the critics:
  • "Doug Brook is believable as the absent father, Mr. Lyons."
  • "McKenna and Doug Brook as Eddie's parents are a drawling blue-blood bore, but Russell sketches them so one-dimensionally, the actors haven't much to work with."
Ovington, Matthews How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying Foothill Musical Theatre Dean Goodman's Choice Award - Outstanding Production, 1999
Mendel Fiddler on the Roof Foothill Musical Theatre Dean Goodman's Choice Award - Outstanding Musical, 1998

Plays (Non-Musicals)

Mr. Myers (prosecutor) Witness for the Prosecution Stage 1 Repertory Theatre "(Doug Brook), as prosecuting attorney (Mr. Myers), is clever, quick-witted and comical. But his talents are not limited to his way with words. From the manner in which he rolls his eyes at the defense's arguments to his energetic movement across the staged courtroom, (Brook) keeps his audience awaiting his next move. This is (Brook's) first performance at the Newark theater, and hopefully it won't be his last." -- The Argus (Fremont)
Freddy Picasso at the Lapin Agile Palo Alto Players Previews:
  • "However, with subtle in-jokes, obscure art references and lots of layering, audience members can discover more about the play than just what's on the surface, said Doug Brook, who plays Freddy the bartender.
    "'There's so much subtext, so much going on between the lines, a lot of opportunity and nuance. Most scripts don't have that,' Brook said.
    "Brook said he finds new and intriguing things every night that he previously didn't pick up on -- a rare phenomenon for an actor who's spent six weeks rehearsing a comedy.
    "'You can picture Steve Martin sitting there snickering every time you catch something,' Brook said. 'It's that kind of script.'" -- Palo Alto Weekly
  • Los Altos Town Crier preview
  • "Brooks's Freddy provides a nice bit of everyman grout to keep all the crazy tiles together..." -- Palo Alto Weekly
  • "Martin's gift for culture quips and caricatures scores ample laughter. 'You can't insult someone you don't know,' says barkeep Freddy played wryly by Doug Brook." -- The Independent
  • "Indeed, all the characters in the play are full of opinions and observations, most of them interesting, many of them funny. And there was a good deal of laughter at the opening night performance... Everything moves smoothly, and everyone inhabits as much character as the script provides them. This is good ensemble acting." --The Almanac Full review






Alternate Proposal Ten-Minute Comedy Actor's Theatre (Santa Cruz)
  • Runner Up, Eighth Annual Ten Minute Playwrighting Contest
  • Staged reading
Two Jews Ten-Minute Comedy Actor's Theatre (Santa Cruz)
  • Honorable Mention, Sixth Annual Ten Minute Playwrighting Contest
  • Staged reading
Self Expression Full-Length Comedy/Drama Actor's Theatre (Santa Cruz)
  • Honorable Mention, First Annual Full-Length Playwrighting Contest
  • Staged reading
Retrograde Ten-Minute Comedy/Drama Actor's Theatre (Santa Cruz)
  • Winner, Fourth Annual Ten-Minute Playwrighting Contest
  • Full production, sold out five week run
  • "Retrograde, written by Doug Brook... is a trim, minimalist piece, examining the failed trajectory of an office romance. ...feisty performances in a clever piece, which makes a pithy comment on the power of entropy." -- Monterey Herald
  • "Magnificent works like those by... Doug Brook neatly encapsulate the elliptical, cyclical, and fickle nature of romance... In Brook's Retrograde, a short study of an office romance gone bad then good... (the actors) tell as much of the story with facial expressions and body English as with actual lines -- adding a tense subtext, a sort-of psychological dance that demonstrates much of their characters' ever-shifting emotional states." -- Good Times
  • "'Retrograde' (by Doug Brook...) is an enigmatic non-linear bit of romantic comedy that compresses an entire affair into short sound bites and ends up back at the beginning with little having actually been disclosed." -- The Register

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