Writing - Poetry


    I was standing one Kansas day
    playing xylophone when up
    arose a mighty cyclone
    I tried to find a telephone
    then settled for a mega-
    phone but the storm
    took a much darker
    tone and I was
    sucked into the
    twilight zone
    by a funnel
    like an

    I hadn't done my poetry assignment. Of course, I was called on first to read. I admitted I had nothing.

    The assignment was to quickly pick seven rhyming words, no thought or strategy, then write a poem from them.

    As others read theirs, I did the exercise. At the end I asked to read mine. The prof reminded that I hadn't done the assignment, I said I just did it then. He said sure.

    I read this poem aloud. He looked at me, then asked, "you just wrote that right now?"


    After a pause he said, "I hate you," and put his head on the desk in his arms, telling everyone to leave.

    Proudest writing moment of my life.

    Copyright Doug Brook. All rights reserved.