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    NASA official Kinsey interviews an astronaut couple, Jones and Conley, for the first manned Mars mission, so NASA can study long-term effects on a marriage during a three-year trip. The interview becomes less routine as it broaches more into certain marital relations in space. Ambitions for space wrestle with desire for privacy as more mission details unfold. Will they put aside their inhibitions in the name of science, or give up outer space for personal space?

    Reviews: North Carolina (Premiere) Production

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    Available for production (1F, 1M, 1M/F, 2M non-speaking, 1 set). Contact the playwright.


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    Inspired by a ~2007 article about NASA discussions for President Bush's proposed manned Mars mission, and "unusual considerations" such as possibly removing all astronauts' appendixes before the three-year trip, just in case.

    Kinsey is not based on famous sexologist Alfred Kinsey. I'd not heard of him. The name came from the military official Kimsey in "Armageddon", shifting slightly to Kinsey. Honest.


    Amusing Anecdote

    An hour before the Playwright Gala night at the premiere production, a nearby bar had Jeopardy! on. A question was "In 2004, President Bush directed NASA to plan a manned mission to this place by 2020."



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