Lot in Life

    Sixty Minute One-Act

    As a rabbi begins a talk about the biblical story of Lot, Lot's Wife steps out of the story and into debate about what really happened. From her own salty perspective, Lot's Wife reveals the complete story as untold by the Bible. They meet in the desert at the local watering hole, marry, and deal with "crazy Uncle Abraham's" new religion that has the neighbors talking.

    Famine and captivity ensue, catching up to everything Lot's Wife has experienced. Urged by mysterious visitors, the family flees Sodom in the nick of time only to see Lot's Wife meet her infamous end, and she watches powerless as her family meets theirs.

    Available for production (Minimal sets; 3M, 4F; no intermission). Contact the playwright.


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    Copyright Doug Brook. All rights reserved.