Theatre - Directing

    Sunnyvale Community Players
    Sunnyvale, California

    October 29 - November 21, 2004

    This musical is by Stephen Sondheim, with book by George Furth. If you don't know their extensive credits, you're probably not reading this.

    This early 1980s musical is about three friends and their lives over twenty years. It shows their dreams, hopes, aspirations, and the strength and strain that all these things put on their lives together.

    The show presents their story in reverse, starting in 1976, going backward to their initial meeting in college in 1957.

    This is the seventh production, sixth musical, I've directed in California.

    My longtime interest in this show, is partly for its realistic (for a musical) portrayal of aspiration, friendship, and failures. But also I like its conceit of presenting the story backward, not merely as a gimmick but as a means of adding impact to the story (depicting how far they'd fallen, and tracing back to their bright, innocent beginning).

    Merrily is commonly regarded as one of the hardest shows in musical theatre. The music is wonderfully difficult, and there is never enough you can do in the acting to fully bring out all the nuance in this script. It's not often mounted, certainly not at this level. But it is worth it.

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    According to the Campbell Express:

    • "Merrily is a good show!"
    • "The performers are excellent, some great voices, good characterization..."
    • "Doug Brook does a great job of directing."

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