Theatre - Directing

    Indian Springs Theatre
    Indian Springs, Alabama

    July 25 - 27, 1991

    This was the first full-length play I directed. This production of the original 1920s Broadway Dracula, the script which originally starred Bela Lugosi, was produced in the Hut at Indian Springs School entirely with alumni and students.

    Interesting tidbits:

    • I asked playwright Arthur Giron (my instructor at CMU) to recommand a play. I described the theatre and he said, "You have to do Dracula." I borrowed his script, ten pages in I agreed.
    • By coincidence, four months later the Francis Ford Coppolla film premiered.
    • The two mice were real, named Drac and Ula. Neither was harmed in the making of this play, though some actors were. And don't look in Tava's coat pocket.
    • The scripts arrived at the campus office an hour after the blood drive truck arrived.
    • One night the power went out, we rehearsed outside. Two bats circled over the theatre for a while.

    Dracula on TV:

    • The morning we opened, the local NBC morning show "Top O' the Morning" featured the play. Interviewed me, showed two scenes they'd filmed earlier in the week.
    • Ironically, I'd helped do the set for "Top O' the Morning" the summer prior. Aside from that one day, I wasn't affiliated with the show.
    • I was exhausted for the morning show, getting there at 6am after final dress rehearsal, and working by day at Summerfest on Into the Woods and Big River at that point. And they intro'd each scene wrong and kept displaying incorrect info for the show. All publicity is good.

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    From the TV broadcast:

    dracula-tv-jc01 dracula-tv-jc11 dracula-tv-db99

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