Theatre - Directing

    West Valley Light Opera
    Saratoga, California

    March 17 - April 21, 2001

    This was my directorial debut in California, and the first full length musical I directed. Being a diehard baseball fan, and a third-generation every-New-York-team-but-the-Yankees fan, the show has special meaning for me. I emphatically agree with the title. (Also, the Washington Senators became the Minnesota Twins which, if I were to like an American League team, would be my choice.)

    The production received two ERMA (WVLO season) acting awards, for Lola (Krissie Reiss-Peterson) and Sister (T.J. Paganini).

    In addition to directing the show, I staged several of the musical numbers, including "Six Months Out of Every Year," "Goodbye Old Girl," "Near To You," "A Man Doesn't Know," and the "Blooper Ballet".

    Dean Scott's choreography largely re-created Fosse's original work, including the reproduction of Fosse and Gwen Verdon's only duet on film, "Who's Got the Pain."

    We paid great attention to the baseball details, from presenting real baseball action onstage to matching the Senators' actual 1950s uniform style.

    The pre-show announcement, by the late Gene Pinkus, was even re-recorded to end with "Any recording, reproduction, or rebroadcast of this production, without the expressed, written consent of Major League Baseball or West Valley Light Opera, is prohibited." It always got a laugh. Not just from me.

    This production overlapped with my second California production, Crazy For You. Rehearsals overlapped by a month, and performances overlapped two weeks. It was a great, unique feeling to have two productions running at the same time.

    This production always holds a special place in my heart. After all, you've gotta have heart.

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