Columns - 2019

    • Year in review - December, 2019
      "In the past couple of months a year's worth of notable events have happened, so here is the year in review for 5780."
    • The Electorah College - November, 2019
      "And the Big G declared, 'on the first Tuesday of the second month of the second year since the Exodus, there shall be an election.'"
    • Second day musings - October, 2019
      "The following are directions in which one mind wandered during Second Day Services. It has yet to return; authorities are continuing the search..."
    • The Mosald - September, 2019
      "Not the State of Israel. Not the Palestinians. Not the Christians, Muslims, or Jews. Not the egalitarians, non-egalitarians, or Rotarians. The land itself."
    • The Rabbitic Assembly - August, 2019
      "One of the most famous Jewish rabbits in the mid-Twentieth Century was Harvey the Rabbit."
    • Forty year getaway - July, 2019
      "Acquiring enough chariots to chase tourists from Egypt to the Red Sea was expensive, especially considering many would be destroyed every time the waters unparted. "
    • Burn down the matriarchy - June, 2019
      "Since the dawn of Judaism, and even before, women have played the primary role in the most significant events..."
    • One giant step - May, 2019
      "Israel recently became the fourth, and by far the smallest, nation to land a craft on the moon. It landed at a far greater velocity than planned, but it got there.."
    • The Adventures of Huckleberry Moses - April, 2019
      "You don’t know about Moses, without you have read a book by the name of Exodus, but that ain’t no matter."
    • Non-Queen Esther - March, 2019
      "It's a copy of the book of Esther with one minor difference in the story: Vashti is never removed as queen."
    • Firmament shutdown - February, 2019
      "The record-breaking shutdown of the firmament continues, resulting in the further prolonged heavenly non-influences of unanswered prayers..."
    • But the tablets... - January, 2019
      "'I dropped it... at a very rapid pace after raising it over my head and flinging my arms downward. Down the side of a mountain.'"

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