Columns - 2018

    • Black Erev Shabbat - December, 2018
      "The recently discovered Mishnah tractate Bava Gump suggests a Chanukah shopping guide for all your favorite ancestors from before the oil lasted for even one day."
    • The Big Fish Story - November, 2018
      "But gefilte fishermen have additional challenges unique to this traditional Ashkenazic appetizer. A primary problem is that nobody can find them."
    • The Game's the Thing - October, 2018
      "Moses and Pharaoh agreed to settle their fight over the fate of the Israelites in a baseball game. Extrapolating from the Torah, this is how it went."
    • Tapping on the Brex - September, 2018
      "Not the State of Israel. Not the Palestinians. Not the Christians, Muslims, or Jews. Not the egalitarians, non-egalitarians, or Rotarians. The land itself."
    • Hold Your Breath for Shabbat - August, 2018
      "Bar Seegnal extrapolated this to include another restriction: on Shabbat, one cannot create carbon dioxide."
    • Rav N Yud - July, 2018
      "People knew if Rav N Yud had been there because he'd leave behind a purse with a few pounds in it, and a few pounds of brisket and gefilte fish. "
    • Fiddling Around - June, 2018
      "The purpose was just to sprinkle a little more fun yiddishkeit into a play already steeped in it."
    • Shalom Buy It - April, 2018
      "What better way to ensure Shalom Bayit than with these marvelous, rare gift items? Just in time for the Shavuot shopping season..."
    • Passover Egg Hunt Fools - March, 2018
      "April 1st is a confluence of the second day of Passover, Easter Sunday, and April Fools Day."
    • Groundhog Vay - February, 2018
      "Rabbi Telfon insists that avoiding six more weeks of winter should instead require the groundhog to see three of his shadow."
    • A Jew(ish) Hope - January, 2018
      "A long time ago, in a Middle East far, far away... Episode IV: A NEW SH'MOT"

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