Columns - 2017

    • The Ballad of the Final Maccabee - December, 2017
      "Judah Maccabee, hero of Hanukah. Was it all him, though? Were his brothers just sitting around the whole time, spinning their thumbs and dreidels? (Not at the same time.)"
    • Shab-bot Shalom - November, 2017
      "Judaism prohibits the use of electricity or the conduction of work on Shabbat... How can that fit into the technological world of the 21st century? Here's two ways."
    • High Holy Mays - October, 2017
      "What if Rosh Hashanah were on the first day of the first month, per the Torah's reckoning, instead of the first day of the seventh month, as observed today?"
    • High Holy Gaze - September, 2017
      "Perhaps people would reflect more if they weren't vampires. Or, if they interspersed their deeper thoughts with random musings such as..."
    • Games of the First Maccabiad - August, 2017
      "The Games of the First Maccabiad were held many centuries ago, several years before ancient times. "
    • Where are they now - July, 2017
      "This year's 'Where are they now' feature explores this question regarding several oft-forgotten souls from the oft-forgotten past whose tales are told starting in the dog days of spring."
    • [title of Torah] - June, 2017
      "The Torah is known by many titles that have confounded handfuls of individuals for nearly five paragraphs of this column."
    • In a name - May, 2017
      "A very popular Broadway musical would be The Book of Mormish."
    • Taking the Chelm - April, 2017
      "In recent months, people have had strong opinions about exactly which city that was. However, originally, it was the village of Chelm."
    • Esthernative Facts - March, 2017
      "The Achashverosh administration today issued an executive order taking unprecedented, unilateral action against a specifically targeted minority population."
    • Enterprising Jews - February, 2017
      "Equally inconceivable is how to apply certain Judaic laws and customs aboard a starship."
    • Inaugural undress - January, 2017
      "Before (or instead of) witnessing this month unfurling, it's far more interesting to uncover the first things said by many Jewish leaders from biblical times."

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