Columns - 2016

    • Float like a butterfly, sting Maccabee - December, 2016
      "For two thousand years we have hailed the Maccabees as heroes. However, the story actually revolves around the brave efforts of another group: The Pack-a-bees. This is their story."
    • Luck of the Jewish - November, 2016
      "Judaism can't have just one answer to anything, so it has many important numbers, which could potentially be considered lucky: 7, 10, 13, 18, 40, 120, 1969, and 867-5309."
    • High Holy Days -- in 700 words - October, 2016
      "The High Holy Days are about two things: Long services, and longer lists -- about tense subjects... past and future. "
    • Hazzan Pepper's Lonely Column Banned - September, 2016
      "It was twenty years ago today
      Southern Shofar let this column play
      It's been going on without no style
      And no guarantee to raise a smile"
    • Halfway there - August, 2016
      "Where were the Israelites twenty years into their forty-year nature walk through the Sinai? Up the creek, without a paddle. Or water. Or a boat."
    • The long and sport of it - July, 2016
      "This month's column, with apologies to Airplane!, provides more about Jewish sports than a leaflet on famous Jewish sports legends, with a timely focus on baseball and the Olympics."
    • Rabbinic revelations - June, 2016
      "This month's column provides snippets of Jewish teachings from various lesser-known rabbinic sources."
    • Pictures say a thousand words - May, 2016
      "This month's column provides excerpts from the original Jewish sources upon which were based numerous well-known films and other pieces in popular culture."
    • Ritual logic - April, 2016
      "Later this year will mark the twentieth anniversary of this column. Leading up to that momentous event, the next few columns will revisit timely tidbits from over the years."
    • O-U must be kidding - March, 2016
      "Earlier this year, the Orthodox Union made news by certifying the world's first kosher marijuana. Was it ever not?"
    • Ten little exodus - February, 2016
      "Where we're at in Torah puts us in the mood,
      To share the rhyme’s real origin, straight from the Talmud."
    • From the publisher - January, 2016
      "Thank you once again for allowing us the opportunity to publish your first book, Genesis. We’re certain it will be a bestseller for years to come."

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