Columns - 2015

    • By any other number - December, 2015
      "Almost several of you can name numerous (Jewish) significances attached to seven, ten, twelve, thirteen, eighteen, forty, seventy, one hundred twenty, and 1969 (#LetsGoMets)."
    • Jew's Line is it Anyway? - November, 2015
      "Welcome to 'Jew's Line is it Anyway,' the game where, like Midrash, everything is made up and, come Yom Kippur, the points don't matter."
    • Trick or Torah - October, 2015
      "Rabbi Telfon referred to the coincidence of Shabbat and Halloween as Shabbat Shiver -- both for the ghostly nature of the day, and for the changing weather."
    • Hanukippur - September, 2015
      "Isn't it nice in September to think about Hanukah instead? Hanukah, by any other spelling, is a whole lot less effort."
    • The Unkosher: Going whole hog - August, 2015
      "What if you found yourself in a world where the rules of kashrut were replaced? Not secretly with Folger's Crystals, but the exact reverse from what we all know and l... are familiar with."
    • Here I am - July, 2015
      "Proposition: Replace the Hineni prayer with Air Supply's 1981 hit song, 'Here I Am.'"
    • The Classified Bible - June, 2015
      "Seeking strong, able craftsman to build exceptionally large wooden boat, and run zoological expedition."
    • By any other name - May, 2015
      "Judaism has a long history of name changes. Abram became Abraham, Sarai became Sarah... Zimmerman became Dylan."
    • Ritual logic - April, 2015
      "The Vulcan High Council has finally consented to consider whether the Terran Jewish custom of saying Kaddish is logical."
    • The Ten Amendments - March, 2015
      "You shall have no other gods before me. After all, I was here first."
    • Murder of the first - February, 2015
      "There was an earlier incident of possession of an illegal substance, which led to their eviction. But... it had been a long time since they spent their days raising Cain."
    • 21st Century religion - January, 2015
      "How can one compare Luke Skywalker to Moses? Easily: Moses was taller. (Also, frankly, both had their moments of whining early on.)"

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