Columns - 2014

    • Mascots unmasked - December, 2014
      "For the first and last time ever, the long lost, recently discovered Mishnah tractate Bava Gump reveals the animal mascots designated for the Jewish holidays."
    • I'm not Jewish - November, 2014
      "I don't eat lox. Need more proof than that? That alone is often enough to make people take their bagel and go home."
    • Rebbe Wan Kenobi -- An Exclusive Interview - October, 2014
      "Billions of people have operated for decades under a false assumption. The Jedi Order that is so well-known, is actually The Rabbi Order."
    • This is your Chai - September, 2014
      "This is the 18th anniversary of this space not being for rent. In honor of this Chai anniversary, it would seem appropriate to toast it with some chai tea."
    • Thought for food - August, 2014
      "What if -- inspired by the jellybeans in Harry Plotzer and the Deadly Challahs -- the flavors of Orthodox Chews went far beyond the norms for said confection?"
    • Staying up to date - July, 2014
      "We've secretly replaced the biblical setting of these ancestral assignations with twenty-first century online dating. Let's see if they notice..."
    • Primary Concerns - June, 2014
      "'I served with Moses. I knew Moses. Moses was a friend of mine. Sir, you're no Moses.'"
    • The most interesting rabbi in the world - May, 2014
      "'I don't always drink schnapps. But when I do, I prefer to drink l'Chayim... Stay noshy, my friends.'"
    • Haggis Sameach - April, 2014
      "This celebration of Robert Burnstein Day started off with a traditional blessing of the kosher haggis."
    • The Cat Mitzvah Speech, Revisited - March, 2014
      "There's kosher pate imported from Paris at the Kiddush after services."
    • The holy hat trick - February, 2014
      "5774 brought Kol Nidre the 13th, Thanksnukah, and now February 1st was not only Rosh Chodesh February, but also Rosh Chodesh Adar -- on the same day!"
    • Flecting again - January, 2014
      "But when you get sick of reminiscing on years past with solemnity, read these highlights of recent years that also ended in four."

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