Columns - 2013

    • Parched pigskin - December, 2013
      "It seemed like a logical first step might be to explain Torah reading in the context of college football."
    • A Trip to Thanksnutevka - November, 2013
      "As a child of the 1980s, the first time I saw the film Fiddler on the Roof I had the same awestruck reaction as many of my Jewish peers: 'Hey, that's Dr. Zarkov from Flash Gordon!'
    • Regifting holidays - October, 2013
      "What would happen if gift giving were to shift again? This time from Chanukah to another Jewish holiday? "
    • Kol Nidre the 13th, Part 13 - September, 2013
      "But on this dark and stormy Friday night, one group of Jews gathered for Kol Nidre at Camp Kippur Lake -- but they forgot about one particular prohibition."
    • Sine of the times - August, 2013
      "This search is exemplified in the Book of Trigonometry's best-known phrase, 'secant ye shall find.'"
    • The Oynion: Peeling Layers - July, 2013
      "Beth Bayit's longtime rabbi, Robert Rosen-Rosen, was taken into custody charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor by providing him with alcohol."
    • The way to Eden - June, 2013
      "'For many millennia, and for several seasons of "I Dream of Jeannie," many men have yearned to find their way to Eden."
    • Where you hang your kippah - May, 2013
      "Oh Lord, Thou broughtest up my soul from the nether-hood; to downpay in figures five, that I should not go down in a money pit."
    • Purover II: The Search for More - April, 2013
      "Because Passover intruded into Purim's usual space in March, Purim is entitled to intrude into Passover's usual space in April."
    • Purover - March, 2013
      "Because Passover arrives in Purim's usual month, this March column covers both by uncovering new truths about them both."
    • Not What They Simcha - February, 2013
      "Jewish celebrations are renowned for one thing above all else. But what's all that food doing there in the first place? Aside from getting cold -- or warm, if it's supposed to be cold -- during the sermon?"
    • A sip of gossip - January, 2013
      "Almost every household has embraced the tablets craze, so it's time to put our ear to the ground in this biblical era and satisfy your cravings for dirt with our latest carvings."

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