Columns - 2012

    • Feliz Chanukah - December, 2012
      "What does Judaism say about this election season? Go ask a rabbi. But do it offsite since the synagogue needs to maintain its tax-exemption."
    • Decision: 5773 - November, 2012
      "There are so many wonderful Christmas songs written by Jews... what if Christians returned the favor, writing Chanukah songs?"
    • The Sound of Jewsic - October, 2012
      "'The Sound of Music' has almost several Jewish aspects to it. You just have to really want to see them."
    • The Penance Race - September, 2012
      "To help Jews remember this month-long sprint to penance, the Big G created baseball's race to the pennants."
    • Forty Days and Forty Years - August, 2012
      "The number forty is ubiquitous in Judaism. From Noah needing an umbrella for forty days, to the Israelites needing forty years of sunblock in the Sinai, or Irving Caesar writing the lyric 'Tea for Two (and Two Forty)...'"
    • Never the Twain Shall Meet - July, 2012
      "Did Twain write any other works of Jewish relevance? Our investigative mole recently uncovered first drafts of numerous Twain writings, all of which exhibit a surprisingly Jewish bent."
    • The Rest of the Storah - June, 2012
      "'In the beginning, the Big G created the heavens and the earth.' Now, Genesis 1:0 answers the centuries-old question of why, saying, 'Because it seemed like a good idea at the time...'"
    • Omer's Odyssey - May, 2012
      "What is the real origin of the Omer? Homer wrote The Odyssey about a years-long journey to his homeland after prolonged struggling..."
    • Matzah Matter For You - April, 2012
      "How do Italian Jews eat during Passover? The kids can never get enough of their Matzaroni and Cheese... others can indulge in a favorite from Talmudic times, Meatball Matzanara."
    • A Schmo By Any Other Name - March, 2012
      "People have been calling Jews names since the start of time... It goes all the way back to (six days after) The Beginning."
    • Crazy Etz - February, 2012
      "The rabbis in the Talmud knew how to party. The fourth New Year is Tu B'Shevat, the New Year for Trees."
    • Eire Today, Gaon Tomorrow - January, 2012
      "Most people expect the history of Jews in Ireland to be even less substantial than the leaflet on famous Jewish sports legends in "Airplane!"."

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