Columns - 2011

    • Horsing Around with Seuss - December, 2011
      "'twas the Grinch who stole Christmas, yet all through the house,
      Not a word about Chanukah... that is not til nowse."

    • If the Shoe Fits, Chafetz - November, 2011
      "The Second Temple was the one destroyed in 70 C.E. at the start of The Great Exile -- the centuries-long expulsion of the Cubs from winning the World Series."
    • The Low Holy Days - October, 2011
      "'Ki' is Hebrew for 'because.' Therefore, 'kippur' literally means 'because we were poor,' or more aptly, 'because we acted poorly.'"
    • Turning a Kippah Trick - September, 2011
      "For the Giants, newly acquired (and former Met) second baseman Jeff Keppinger used his keppie to single in the fourth and eventually score."
    • The Other Set of Dishes - August, 2011
      "While the kids might quickly get enough of Spaghetti and Matzah Balls, they'll always beg for more Macaroons and Cheese."
    • Harry Plotzer and the Gabbai of Fire - July, 2011, extra
      "Harry turns fourteen and is invited to the greatest worldwide athletic event for mystics and kabbalists: The Kidditsch Cup."
    • Legislating Cutbacks - July, 2011
      "Circumcision is the most widely performed medical procedure nationwide. Not only is it as safe as any other procedure, it's a cut above the rest."
    • Sibling Revelry - June, 2011
      "Hinei Mah Tov's notion of sibling serenity is based on a recurring theme in the Torah. (Isn't it?)"
    • One Goat, Many Goats - May, 2011
      "As reported at the end of the Seder, numerous, bizarre events by a series of perpetrators lead all the way to the top."
    • The Passover Satyr Play - April, 2011
      "In his play, Never Enough For Us, playwright Chad Gadiah combines the satyr play form and the time-honored Passover Seder."
    • The Year of the Rabbi - March, 2011
      "The Year of the Rabbi... the Jewish progenitor of the Chinese Year of the Rabbit."
    • The Forty Year Itch - February, 2011
      "Moses, I have given you the silica of the desert, from which you might fashion a GPS."
    • Survival of the Yiddest - January, 2011
      "It's not like Jews today don't go to the gym. Well, not today. But definitely tomorrow."

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