Columns - 2010

    • Emptycember - December, 2010
      "This year, Chanukah is over faster than you can say 'leftover turkey.'"
    • Chanukopia - November, 2010
      "Chanukah is based on the book of Maccabees, known for its Maccabre humor."
    • The Chosen Game - October, 2010
      "'In the big inning, the Big G created heaven and earth.'"
    • Harry Plotzer and the Prisoner of Ashkenaz - September, 2010, extra
      "Harry ran away to Diyainu Alley, a small, hidden kabbalist realm. It wasn't much, but they'd say, 'it's enough for us.'"
    • The Day of Aarrrtonement - September, 2010
      "Yom Kippur, when before Yom Pirate, is the day when we're either sealed in the Book of Life or walking the plank."
    • The Kosher Package - August, 2010
      "Only a matter of time before automobiles ran head-on into the laws of kashrut."
    • Lox, stock, and barrel - July, 2010
      "A significant issue regarding women's health... often overlooked... is dating."
    • El Alia - June, 2010
      "Three new Jewish airlines: Yiddish Airways, JewBlue, and JetJew."
    • Pig Hebrew - May, 2010
      "Pig Hebrew's origins are difficult to trace, mainly because the letters are so oddly shaped that tracing them is very difficult."
    • Seder Masochim - April, 2010
      "Statistically speaking, you're complaining about either preparing a seder or sitting through one. Or both."
    • Bris Mitzvah - March, 2010
      "Jewish parents have sought a new realm in which to exercise their party planning contractiles."
    • Jewish Hoopla - February, 2010, Facebook extra
      "(Casspi) violating the Seventh Commandment at midcourt in stealing the ball and driving for a layup."
    • Retiring Benefits - February, 2010
      "After thirty-nine years in the desert, Medicare and Social Security have both run out of money."
    • The Cat Mitzvah Speech - January, 2010
      "There's kosher pate imported from Paris at the Kiddush after services."

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