Columns - 2008

    • Mergers and acquisitions - December, 2008 (2)
      "To consolidate seasonal spending and celebration: Chrisnukah"
    • Original gifts - December, 2008
      "The popular gifts for one of the earliest celebrations of Chanukah..."
    • Proscription refill - November, 2008 (2)
      "Moses went up Mount Sinai where the Big G said, 'Take two, and call me every morning.'"
    • Electicity - November, 2008
      "Some Jews do vote Republican. I've met both of them."
    • Marital blitz - October, 2008
      "A Jewish wedding is about two people: the bride, and the bride."
    • Yomtober - September, 2008 (2)
      "...when both Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur occur in the month of October"
    • Jewish Heritage Night and Day - September, 2008
      "Bonus coverage of Jewish Heritage Day at Shea Stadium"
    • The Chosen Game - August, 2008
      "Stealing bases is not allowed. After all, 'thou shalt not steal.'"
    • Olympic predictions - July, 2008 (2)
      "What sport is more appropriate for Israel than Judo?"
    • The Bible 2.0 - July, 2008
      "Three weeks into the exodus, the Israelites contacted technical support."
    • The house that Ruth built - June, 2008
      "Almost several of you have read the Book of Ruth."
    • Canaan Able - May, 2008 (2)
      "Red Sea Travel announces a special getaway offer."
    • Hot dogging holidays - May, 2008
      "What animal has the biggest role in the Exodus story?"
    • Performance Enhancers II - Back For More - February, 2008
      "Torah readers everywhere are using performance enhancers in services at alarming rates."

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