Columns - 2006

    • Broken News - Iran Conference Causes Concern - December, 2006 (2)
      "Iran announced... a gathering to examine whether the creation of the world took place."
    • The Buyble says - December, 2006
      "Welcome to the 2006 holiday season."
    • The things we do - November, 2006 (2)
      Ask the Rabbit: "I wonder how much we Jews learn about the things we do."
    • Voting early - November, 2006
      "The Torah does not describe any elections... but there were elections from the beginning."
    • The Good Book - October, 2006 (2)
      "Jewish Book Month, when we place bets in remembrance of the long odds that Jews have survived."
    • Rebbe at the Bat (Mitzvah) - October, 2006
      "The outlook wasn't brilliant for the Mudville nine that day,
      The minyan score was nine, they needed one man more to pray."
    • The dog vays of summer - September, 2006
      "In the finest Torah tradition, my seat was row 6, seat 13."
    • To a city near Jew - August, 2006 (2)
      "Using Google Trends you can search for statistics on web searches..."
    • Sermoncision - August, 2006
      "Ten years ago this month, this column first appeared in The Southern Shofar..."
    • If Jews created spam - July, 2006
      "Imagine a world where Jews created spam..."
    • Is your mom a JMom? - May, 2006
      "JDate is running a contest in honor of the ancient holiday, Yom Imah (Mother's Day)."
    • Kadima moves forward - April, 2006
      "The Kadima party has seen its election victory challenged by Kadima, the middle school youth group."
    • A Valentine's Day massacre - January, 2006
      "...the true origins of the original February 14th event, Reb Wallenstein's Day."

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