Columns - 2005

    • Bava Who? - December, 2005 (2)
      "...the origin of the oft-cited, recently discovered (Mishnah) tractate, Bava Gump."
    • Changing direction - December, 2005
      "This is about the direction in which Hebrew has always been read. Until now."
    • Harry Plotzer and the Chamber of Shpilkus - November, 2005 (2)
      "Harry's first summer after his first year at Hogschwartz was a lonely time."
    • Episode V: The Empire Shries Back - November, 2005
      "'There you will learn from Yona, the Rabbi Master who instructed me.'"
    • Holy reading high - October, 2005
      "Good fortune chose to snicker at me during Rosh Hashanah this year. And I hate Snickers."
    • High Holy Daze - September, 2005
      "...a secret new push in the Cannabis movement: liturgical marijuana."
    • Bubbe, You Can Drive My Car - August, 2005 (2)
      "What it would be like if Jews controlled Detroit the way we control Hollywood."
    • Orthodox outsourcing - August, 2005
      "It is inevitable that trends in the business world have an eventual impact on religion."
    • Harry Plotzer and the Sanhedrin's Stone - July, 2005
      "Harry Plotzer was far from a perfectly normal boy... 'Harry, you're a kabbalist.'"
    • No Stone Unturned - June, 2005 (2)
      "Jews have been around since the Stone Age... led by Gurb, the Caveman Rabbi."
    • Congraduations - June, 2005
      "I stand before you with valor to dictate..."
    • Episode IV: A New Trope - May, 2005 (2)
      "'A young rabbi named Dark Lainer, who was a pupil of mine until he turned to evil, betrayed and murdered your father's music.'"
    • Turn down the stereotype - May, 2005
      "We are here to explore the many, many, many common stereotypes against Jews."
    • ManiSchoveThiz - April, 2005
      "Rogov's Guide rates over one thousand Israeli wines. This begs the question, 'there's over one thousand Israeli wines?'"
    • A Purrim Tail - March, 2005 (2)
      "Achashverosh ruled over all of the Persians... He reigned like cats, not dogs."
    • Tzom Improvement - March, 2005
      "'Does everybody know what time it is?' 'Shul Time!'"
    • State of the Rite - February, 2005
      "Today I become a bar mitzvah. No, I don't become the actual ceremony itself..."
    • Senior tour - January, 2005 (2)
      "We are gathered here today to pay respect to a large and often under-appreciated segment of our population."
    • Splitting hares - January, 2005
      "By popular lack of complaint, this column returns a special feature: Ask the Rabbit."

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