Columns - 2004

    • A stone's throw - December, 2004 (2)
      "David Routs Goliath - A Jerusalem Post exclusive"
    • Celebrity Dreidel - December, 2004
      "For Celebrity Dreidel to become the cultural phenomenon that it is..."
    • Thankless tasks - November, 2004 (2)
      "We are here to honor The Other Guys... the unordained, the unpaid, the unrespected..."
    • The Electoral Yeshiva - November, 2004
      "Before today, nobody has understood what the Electoral Yeshiva is."
    • The fastest diet - October, 2004
      "For those of you Jewish enough, the fastest diet ever devised: the Yom Kippur Diet."
    • A mighty wind - September, 2004 (2)
      "The onset of Hurricane Ivan the Terrible was foretold in the Bible."
    • At your service - September, 2004
      "This column presents to you the ultimate guide to the High Holy Day services."
    • The Sporting Jews - August, 2004
      "Israeli religious leaders, Olympics just days away, issued a ruling on... bullfighting."
    • Taken for granded - July, 2004
      "This is a shout out to grandparents throughout the world. And it's about time."
    • Ask the Rabbit - June, 2004 (2)
      "Due to an unintended contractual obligation, we present a slightly different Ask the Rabbi feature..."
    • Gurb the Caveman Rabbi - June, 2004
      "Judaism has existed, in fact, since the Stone Age. Yes, there were Jewish cavemen."
    • Incensible practices - May, 2004 (2)
      "Incense dates back millenia in Judaism... through the incense felt in the Middle East today."
    • Lagging holidays - May, 2004
      "Of the many obscure, oft-forgotten holidays, Lag B'Omer ranks near the top."
    • Proof of faith - April, 2004 (2)
      "Blind faith. If you're a devout Jew or a Mets fan, you're familiar with it."
    • Kidding around - April, 2004
      "There's an age-old joke... about Moses on Mount Sinai receiving the laws."
    • Rabbinical Discombobulation - March, 2004
      "I am a Googlewhack thanks to the phrase 'rabbinical discombobulation'."
    • Cellist on the Roof - February, 2004
      "A cellist on the roof. Sounds crazy, no?"
    • Slinging drash - January, 2004
      "I'm a longtime Torah reader. I did it for years. And I'd do it again..."

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