Columns - 2003

    • Hanukkah bizarre - December, 2003
      "Captured from the near future... How Hanukkah has changed in recent years."
    • Corralling corollaries - November, 2003 (2)
      "'If women rule, how can you (that is, me) have the power?'"
    • I got the power - November, 2003
      "I got the power. And so do all the Jews. We can speak freely of it now."
    • Women rule - October, 2003 (2)
      "Actual instances which prove that the Almighty put women in charge."
    • Statue of limitations - October, 2003
      "The Court of Appeals ruled that the Ten Commandments cannot be taken for granite."
    • Motley Jue Crue - September, 2003
      "Alaska cruises appeal to the same crowd as weekend theatre matinees."
    • Partial Recall - August, 2003
      "Whether California or Alabama is more ridiculous these days."
    • Altered state - July, 2003
      "Palestine and Israel have enjoyed decades of peace, but not their American counterpart."
    • My Big Fat Greek Column - June, 2003
      "I'll show you how any Greek letter was originally a Hebrew letter."
    • The Fashion Bible - May, 2003
      "Men are, and always have been, accessories."
    • Pros and cons - April, 2003
      "Our great land, and the country that sits on it, does not discriminate against small religions."
    • How Jewish are you? - March, 2003
      "All you need is this column, and some means of accurately measuring how Jewish you are."
    • Signs of life - February, 2003
      "Chai is Hebrew for 'life.' To find signs of life, look no further than the dictionary."
    • A dressing down - January, 2003
      "What does dressing appropriately mean?"

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