Columns - 2002

    • Hanukah giving - December, 2002
      "Hanukah is the day after Thanksgiving for a reason."
    • Nothing particular - November, 2002
      "Nothing extraordinary occurs on the Jewish calendar in Cheshvan."
    • Reflecting on the present - October, 2002
      "This is a good time of year for reflection, so I went to the source: My Mirror."
    • Out on The Pledge - September, 2002
      "I'll tell you why every word of the Pledge of Allegiance has to go."
    • Judaism in Jeopordy - August, 2002
      "The very existence of Judaism is in jeopardy. There's only one thing to do: Take 'Judaic Holidays' for $200."
    • The seven deadly mitzvahs - July, 2002
      "These mitzvahs best epitomize the old Yiddish saying, 'the good old deeds weren't always good.'"
    • Work in progress? - June, 2002
      "Report on this month's historic International Convention to Rewrite the Bible."
    • News on command - May, 2002
      "'Here we are again, live from Mount Sinai.'"

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