Columns - 2001

    • Festival of Lights shopping - December, 2001
      "A shopping guide appropriate for the Festival of Lights."
    • The great discoery - November, 2001
      "The unlikely discovery of the long lost Mishnah tractate Baba Gump."
    • A new confession - October, 2001
      "A special Yom Kippur confessional from the long-lost Mishnah tractate Baba Gump."
    • Preseason predictions - September, 2001
      "Predictions for every Saturday's main events throughout the fall."
    • Grating eXPectations - August, 2001
      "External Specification: Proposed Judaic Features in Wxndxws XX."
    • A more graceful state - July, 2001
      "This column is not about Reform conversion practices."
    • Sell-a-bration - January, 2001
      "Do we live in the image of the Big G by being motivated by the Almighty $?"

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