Columns - 1999

    • The royal flush - December, 1999
      "'Tis the season to eat latkes,
      Fa la la la la they're not matzah."
    • The indefensible foe - November, 1999
      "More gruesome than arsonists or gunmen, what closed a temple? Ground squirrels."
    • Pray for me - October, 1999
      "The next time you walk past a Southern Baptist, he might be praying for you."
    • Well, Heck: The Next Incarnation - September, 1999
      "The South needs good press. Judaism needs good press. UAB needs a good full-court press."
    • The cutting edge - August, 1999
      "California was always enlightened. We'll avert our eyes from the three burning synagogues."
    • Conversion rates - July, 1999
      "Dear Superman, Congratulations on your recent conversion to Judaism."
    • The observation deck - April, 1999
      "The management apologizes for an error in last month's column on the Passover Seder."
    • March Madness - March, 1999
      "The never before seen, real reasons for each part of the Passover Seder."
    • Burning bridges - February, 1999
      "A partial, inexpensive, Jewish solution to the Y2K problem."
    • How to Succeed... - January, 1999
      "How to succeed... in teaching, in kashrut, in having a clear image..."

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