Columns - 1998

    • Debunking the Chanukah Mythos - December, 1998
      "Refutes, debunks, calls into question many popular beliefs about Hanukkah."
    • A little shopping - October, 1998
      "Cannibalism. Does Judaism allow it?"
    • High Holy Daze - September, 1998
      "It barely seems like it's been 12 months, let alone a year."
    • Welcome Back, Kinder - August, 1998
      "Dear Religious School Parent, We incorporated all your feedback into our Religious School program."
    • Tradition sedition - July, 1998
      "It can take a village to promote interest in Judaism today. That village is Anatevka."
    • Pro portions - June, 1998
      "Most Jews cannot recall what happens in the book of Vayikra."
    • Israeli Five-O - May, 1998
      "Happy birthday, Israel. Enjoy that people call this "the first" 50 years."
    • Carving a Passover niche - April, 1998
      "This Torah excerpt, the Nissan Stanza, contains many rules about this time of year."
    • For Richer and Purim - March, 1998
      "I don't mean to discourage or denigrate, but I hate going to Friday night services."
    • Literally absurd - February, 1998
      "We look at two extremes: Taking things literally, and endless interpretation."
    • Rabbi, open our eyes! - January, 1998
      "'We had a Jewish rabbi. Well, he's not a rabbi, but he's a Jewish optometrist.'"

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