Columns - 1997

    • Mezuzapalooza '97 - December, 1997
      "The largest festival of innovative Jewish gift ideas ever in this column."
    • Honorable Menschen - November, 1997
      "The ultimate guide for women to find that special Jewish someone, or at least his kid brother."
    • Fishing for belief - October, 1997
      "You may have seen small silver fish outlines on the backs of cars and pickup trucks..."
    • Year of the lox - September, 1997
      "Why most Jews don't come to services during the year."
    • Hebrew 101 - August, 1997
      "Do you sometimes feel like Hebrew is a foreign language?"
    • Everybody has a dream - July, 1997
      "At one of 314 weddings this year, I'll meet a nice, single Jewish woman."
    • Shake it up, bubbe - June, 1997
      "The songs that drive the most common inhuman contortions at weddings and bar mitzvahs."
    • Don't open before June 11 - May, 1997
      "We must abstain from joy during the Omer, so save this column until Shavuot."
    • The crumbiest holiday of the year - April, 1997
      "The Jewish welcome of spring, 'Less than six months until Rosh Hashanah already.'"

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