Tired of people saying "oy" just to try and get a laugh?

    Rear Pew Mirror (formerly The Beholder's Eye) provides smart Jewish comedy and insight through columns and timely Facebook-only quips.

    The column has provided such recurring features as:

    • Ask the Rabbit
    • Harry Plotzer
    • Gurb, the Caveman Rabbi
    • Bava Gump, the long-lost Mishnah tractate
    • and many, many more...

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    About The Beholder's Eye
    The first Harry Plotzer column

    At its most brilliant in the author's invention of funny and creative versions of character names.
    Shining examples... "That's Professor Dorledor," Harzione told Harry. "He's been the headmaster of Hogschwartz from generation to generation."
    Now that's funny.

    -- My Urban Kvetch


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