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    The following are online citations from Moshe Chafetz's 1710 work Melekhet Machashevet, found via an unfiltered Google search and other occasional searches.

    Not all links are still active, but relevant text is excerpted here in full.

    Parshat Noach
    (From Genesis)

    The Vision of Eden: Animal Welfare and Vegetarianism in Jewish Law and Mysticism

    Two citations (as R. Moshe Cheifetz Gentili) from Noah commentary.

    p.43 footnote 24: "However, R. Moshe Cheifetz Gentili (1663-1710) agrees with the author of Sefer HaBris in M'leches Machsheves, Noach (19a)."
    (footnote to "God does not merely watch over the various species in a general manner, as Maimonides, of blessed memory, and others maintain.")

    p.164 footnote 34: "R. Moshe (Cheifetz) Gentili, M'leches Machsheves, Noach s.v. vayizkor Elokim es Noach ve-es kol ha-chayah ve-es kol ha-behemah. I am grateful to R. Bezalel Naor for showing me this source."
    (footnote to "Even animals receive divine recompense for their sufferings.")

    -Rav Moshe Chafetz"


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