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    The Lineage

    Moshe Chafetz is believed to be in my family's direct lineage. Short of detailing documented proof, which is not simple for Jews in those centuries, the following is a deduced timeline based on historical events:

    • 1663 - Moshe Chafetz born in Trieste (raised in Venice)
    • 1675-1678 - One of Moshe's poetic works, written at age 13, is in the Venice edition of the Bible
    • 1682 - Poet Yomtov Valcasson wrote a poem for Moshe Chafetz's wedding to Yvonah Karbonnah, in Venice, Italy
    • 1683 - Gershom Chafetz born on Tuesday, 11th of Adar (March 9th)
    • 1696 - Moshe Chafetz publishes Hanukkat HaBayit in Venice
    • 1700 - Gershom Chafetz dies of plague, fourth shabbat of Tevet (the 25th) (January 25th)
    • 1700 - Moshe Chafetz posthumously publishes Gershom's Yad Charuzim in Venice
    • 1710 - Moshe Chafetz publishes Melechet Machashevet in Venice
    • 1711 - Moshe Chafetz dies, 30th of Cheshvan (November 12)
    • 1737 - Venice Jewish community declares bankruptcy
    • 1740 - Yad Charuzim second edition published in Venice
    • 1766 - Venice Jewish population down to 1,700 (from 4,800 in 1655) because many prominent families left for port cities; (citation)
      Several Jewish exoduses to other Italian cities or elsewhere in Europe
    • 1817 - Koenigsberg Jewish population reaches 1,027 (from 307 in 1756); (citation)
    • 1859 - Melechet Machashevet second edition published in the port city of Koenigsberg (now Kaliningrad)
    • 1904 - Chafetz family initial migration from Zorowicz to America (Zorowicz was in modern Belarus, ~130 miles north of Chernigov, 220 miles north of Kiev, Russia; now northern Ukraine) (~500 miles inland from Koenigsberg)
    • 1914, 1929 - New editions of Melechet Machashevet published in Warsaw (~170 miles south of Koenigsberg, modern Kaliningrad, Russia)

    Moshe Chafetz
    (inside cover, Melekhet Machashevet)

    Got Information?

    Any information about either Chafetz, or these three books, is greatly appreciated; in particular, available copies (especially Hanukkat haBayit, Yad Charuzim) or existing translations.

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