The Chafetz Project

    The Chafetz Project is the translation into English of three noted Judaic works, circa 1700, by Moshe and Gershom Chafetz.

    Moshe Chafetz (משה חפץ) was a late 17th century rabbinical scholar in Venice, Italy. Gershom Chafetz (גרשם חפץ) was his son, whose shortened life showed equal promise.

    The Books

    The Project translates the three books he published:

    The Men

    The Project

    Chafetz is believed to be in my family's direct lineage, which compels the project. No English translations are known to exist. If you know of one, please save me the thousands of hours of effort.

    Melekhet Machashevet is still taught on occasion, and referenced in some sermons online (linked in the book's description on this site).

    Moshe Chafetz
    (inside cover, Melekhet Machashevet)

    Got Information?

    Any information about either Chafetz, or these three books, is greatly appreciated. In particular, any existing translations or citations.

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